Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You're momma's so FAT

So.... I been going to the gym twice a day for the last 3 days, and today, my girlfriend/co-worker/used to be a personal trainer/is now my personal trainer decides today is as good as day as any to start using the stability balls.

Even though I have voiced my concerns of popping it for 3 days now she assures me that won't happen.... I trust her. I believe her. I go into the room with all the different brightly colored balls we pick out one that looks as though it is big enough for me. It's yellow. She pick an orange one for her.

She sits down on her ball. All skinny and cute it barely gives under her butt. She's bouncing, we laugh. I'm still nervous about sitting on my ball.... But here is the moment of truth....

I hold my breath.... Close my eyes.... and sit....

It doesn't pop... Oh there is a God....

However, it does look like a yellow M&M under my ass... BUT it's still inflated, which in big girl world (and not as in big girl just peed in the potty kinda way~big girl like shop in the other department kinda way) is a huge deal....

So she has me roll, all the way to the small of my back and do crunches.... Not so bad... First I can actually do the crunches, and feel it in my abs... It really is working.... Minus the few times I literally rolled off the ball, I think all in all I did a pretty good job.

On to the push ups with the ball under our knees... Ummm.... OK.... I couldn't even stay on the damn ball to do a single push up. It kept rolling every which way. Taking the lower half of my body with it. I felt like I was learning to break dance.

We laughed a lot... A whole lot, which laughter burns calories too, so all in all, I liked the stability balls.

Oh and for those of you thinking that is NOT a work out... We also did some cardio in the beginning, and I proved to her that I can't do that one thing where you hold your body weight on your elbows and bring your knees up....

Good times..... SO to finish up the joke I made up while lying in bed remembering the morning of stability ball fun~

You're momma's so fat, she sat on a stability ball and a skittle popped out!

Good thing I'm not that fat. Whew!

Thanks Bobbi!

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