Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My girlfriend has a carrot patch growing on her face!

Ok, well I take that back, she DID have a carrot patch growing on her face..... But I fixed that.... You see she had neglected her eyebrows for 10 years. The one thing on your face that can change the way you look. And yet the change is so subtle, she just looks refreshed.

It was kinda cute, cause when I was pulling the hairs out, they had roots that were attached to her brain stem, (Ready in a hillbilly accent ~I swear to God they were). As I plucked them her little face would twitch like a rabbits nose... It was pretty cute...

And I gotta say this is the same friend that referred to the herd of camels in my pants a few weeks ago, so yeah... I won't lie... I took a little satisfaction in plucking those hairs out one by one!!!

I swear to God I did!

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